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GlamModelz Magazine is pleased to introduce a new face to the Fashion, Glamour, Beauty Modeling industry, Tawny Fox of Chicago, Illinois . Her obvious beauty is matched not only by her desire to succeed as a model, but the amazing potential that she possesses. We look forward to seeing many great things from Tawny Fox in the very near future.

GlamModelz Magazine: Welcome to GlamModelz Magazine Tawny!

GlamModelz Magazine: How did you get your start in the business? Tawny Fox: When I was 18 I seen a casting call for a magazine so I set up a shoot and had the photographer submit my pictures.

GlamModelz Magazine: Posing 101 any suggestions to newer models coming into the business? Tawny Fox: I suggest to newer models that you ALWAYS get references because you never want to just trust someones word in this industry,there are a lot of posers out there people who promise you things in trade for sexual favors, NEVER DO IT!!!

GlamModelz Magazine: What have been your greatest successes to date?Tawny Fox: My greatest success to date is posing for Playboy Special Editions Nov 2008 and I am still not finished as I am very driven to do more!

GlamModelz Magazine: What are your thoughts and issues with Implied and Nude posing? Tawny Fox: Honestly I have no problem as long as it is tasteful and classy!

GlamModelz Magazine: Have you had the support of Family, Friends and loved ones with your modeling? Tawny Fox: YES! Everyone supports me as long as i keep it classy and tasteful!

TawnyFox043edl.jpgGlamModelz Magazine: What are your thoughts on the whole escort issue? Tawny Fox: I am not here to judge anyone!

pretty-girl.jpgGlamModelz Magazine: What gets you motivated everyday to stay in shape and look your best at all times? Tawny Fox: I know if I don’t keep in shape that I will not be able to book any jobs and I want lots of exposure and I want to be noticed! I like being the center of attention!

GlamModelz Magazine: Your thoughts on TFP or TFCD sessions in general? Tawny Fox: I think that it is a great idea if you are looking to build your portfolio.

GlamModelz Magazine: Facial expressions are a big part of a photo session, how and where did you learn this? Tawny Fox: Facial expressions you can practice by doing in the mirror or even looking at other pictures in magazines, That was really a big help for me!

GlamModelz Magazine: How do you handle rejection? from photographers, agencies and your piers? Tawny Fox: Rejection, I have no problem with that everyone is looking for something different and there are always other jobs that come along.

GlamModelz Magazine: If you had one thing to tell a model just entering the industry what would that be? Tawny Fox: I have had a great time in the modeling industry,so I say do it for as long as u can and have fun with it!! There is a lot of great people in the business.

ggc-tawny_fox Statistical Details:
Height: 5’6
Weight: 115 lbs
Measurements: 32f,25,32
Dress size; 2
Shoe size: 8
Hair color: Platinum Blonde
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Professional

Major Campaigns:2009
Playboy Girls of Golf; May 2009
Playboy Girls of Golf; March 2009
Tease’um Bikini 2009
Danny Clark Foundation April 2009
Featured Model; Hot Magazine on-line
Major Campaigns:2008 2008 Nov 2008
Villain Girl
Playboy Special Editions 2008


Tawny Fox’s Gallery

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  • pretty-girl.jpg


The images of Tawny Fox, appearing in this interview were photographed by; Josh, of Ultimate Exposure!


GlamGurls: Tawny Fox

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