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Low light DSLR cameras and night photography settings

Images of night scenes never fail to impress. Photos taken after dark have a distinct mood , something which is often absent in flat, daylig [...]

What You Need to Know to Be a Fashion Model

By Bob Pardue Tips for Beginners Who Want to Get Started in a Modeling Career Learning how to be a model is a unique experience by itself an [...]

How to Spot Fake Modeling Agencies

By Richard Landy A lot of aspiring models fall victims to scams run by fake modeling agencies. Therefore, models need to be very careful whe [...]

The Reflection

Reflections can really add visual interest to your photography.  Whether it’s a beautiful landscape or model, reflections can add som [...]

Creative Photo Cropping

By Ajay Kumar N I. INTRODUCTION In this technique, I’d like to show you how I use scanned images or paint with artistic brushes to cre [...]

Nikon Coolpix P7100 Review

The 10-megapixel Nikon Coolpix P7000 triggered relatively a stir when it absolutely was unveiled last year, many thanks to its extended feat [...]

New Technology That Makes Breast Enhancement a Less Stressful Process

By Anna Woodward It may have taken you a long time to even decide to get breast enhancement. There is something about having someone add to [...]

Canon 5D Mark III – Canon’s Best Camera?

By Elvis Jackson Jr. There is no doubt that the Canon 5D Mark III is the best-seller and top-rated camera today due to the dramatic upgrades [...]

How to hire a Model

Model – Photographer Etiquette “The Appropriate Dance of Communication” By Rick Trottier   When I was assigned this article, [...]

GlamModel: Donyelle

GlamModelz Magazine interviews Glam Model Donyelle Anne of Worcester, Massachusetts.  Donyelle Anne, is a relatively new model on the scene [...]

Colleges for Photography

By Mildred Sanders Making a list of the top 10 colleges for photography involves many variables that rank differently in importance among va [...]

Self Tan Lotions Offer More Than Just Moisture And Color

You have been able to spend your summer outside in the sun, having fun and achieving a luxurious tan. Sadly, summer has ended, which leaves [...]

Canon EOS T3i – Easy To Recommend

With the 18-55mm lens attached, the T3i is very much lighter. On its front one can find the usual fare: an aggressively shutter button, a se [...]

Glam Model: Tania Lucely Ontiveros

I traveled to sunny California recently to work with local models and makeup artists for several publications.  And on that trip it was my [...]

Get paid to Party! Guide to Event Photography

If you are considering becoming an Event Photographer this guide may be useful. I spent a long time researching all the kit needed to be a s [...]

How To Get Started With Lightroom

By Amy Renfrey Lightroom is a wonderful software program. I’ve been using it for the past few years. In this lesson I am going to prov [...]

ReThink Beauty

By Amy Dardis Question: How do you honestly feel about your body image? Here is the truth… body image in women, in every woman, is a s [...]

Great Tips That Will Help You In Your Acting And Modeling Career

By Martin Swan For a new comer, getting a foothold in the acting and modeling industry can be a challenging and daunting task. However, wher [...]

Guest Photographer: Jamie Forhan

There are works in the Glamour Industry that one would consider beautiful and skillfully crafted, and then there are those images that make [...]

GlamModel: Tina Marie

A Year in the Life of a Studio Model GlamModelz Magazine features the beauty and talents of Glam Model Tina Marie of Boston, MA. By Rick Tro [...]

Why The Canon 100-400mm Lens Is At The Top Of Photographers’ Want Lists

Ever get jealous? I really do, especially when thinking about my camera equipment. I’m sure drooling over a new Canon 100-400mm zoom l [...]